Slide brings the spirit of surfing to the city. Practice turns and trim, skate and surf maneouvres on concrete, either flat or in a bowl. The SLIDE truck is fully adjustable allowing rigidity to be set simply by tightening or loosening the spring nut, allowing ‘fun & function’ to suit all riders skill levels, beginner, average or professional. Experience the same feelings as riding waves, making Slide a perfect tool to practice and improve surfing skills.

SLIDE has developed a new truck to take surfing to the streets. Based on a simple mechanism including a regulable spring, the user has the feeling of surfing on the road, linking easily one turn with another, never losing the flow. This means that you can practice surf manoeuvres without the need of going out each day, helping surfers improve the sincronization of legs and arms. Also, Slide trucks help beginners to start practicing turns and improve their balance.

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