As part of the fight back against car crime, automotive companies have introduced an increasingly complex range of electronic and smart vehicle keys that control security systems such as alarms, immobilisers and self-locking and even self-opening door locks.
This presents a real dilemma for water sport and outdoor enthusiasts who use their car as a base for their wet or muddy activity. Whether they be surfers, open water swimmers, triathletes, mountain bikers or beach goers, the cost of loosing or damaging these keys can run into the hundreds of pounds and paying the ultimate price of your car being stolen with potentially invalidated insurance could be devastating.
Keebunga founder; Jim Williams has experienced the problem first hand. “We’ve all been there, your ready to get into the water and then you realise you have this electronic key that needs to go somewhere, you end up trying to hide it and you hope for the best! I’ve lost keys myself and had so many conversations with people who have run into problems including some who have had vehicles stolen despite using products that are currently available”.
Not satisfied with many of the generic “waterproof” pouches in the market and aware that a “safe” lock box attached to the back of your car with your key in it invalidates your insurance and will prevent some security systems from being activated, Keebunga was created.
The result is a compact, ergonomically designed and waterproof solution that enables you to easily and comfortably take your car key with you in the water. Keebunga CEO says, “We’ve used precision engineering and great design to build a product that enables you to properly protect your car, give you peace of mind and enable you to fully enjoy the sports you love”.

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